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#Selfie3D #Groupfie3D

We are currently not offering #Selfie3D or #Groupfie3D services due to problems caused by our 3D Printer Technology. More information can be found in here.

Bespoke Shoes from 3D Scanning in collaboration with SaintJeansShoes IG: @saintjeanshoes FB: Saint-Jean, Shoemaker

Saint-Jean targets the shoe passionate person who is looking for a unique high quality product. A pair of bespoke shoes usually costs 1500£ at a traditional shoemaker and could take up to 8 months to be crafted.

Saint-Jean in collaboration with PT Kreasi Tiga Dimensi offers 3D scanning technology for a quicker crafting process and a perfect fitting to your feet. Get the customized shoes you have in mind in 6 weeks for US$ 450,- (including shipping costs).

    A seamless process:
  • Book a 3D scanning of your feet via email to and describe your dream shoes to us (color, shape, any details)
  • Receive 3D pictures of your shoes for a first validation of the design
  • Enjoy your handcrafted bespoke shoes

Savoir Faire

Saint-Jean are proud user of the latest 3D scanning technology. Saint-Jean shoes are handcrafted using the well-known Goodyear construction, the chosen method for highly reputable brands in the shoe industry. Saint-Jean use full grain premium cow leather Saint-Jean dye themselves to create


Other than that, we have a variety of services you can choose. Please choose one or a combination of the following services:

3D Scanning

Scanning of an object into computer using 3D Scanning devices. We have various scanners fit for different objects:
Scanner technologyItem sizes (Max length/width/height)Accuracy (Conformity with actual size) Resolution (Minimum profile size to be recognizable)Color Capture ResultCapture timeCommentDirect 3D Print
Structured Blue Light 10 cm - 40 cm +/- 50 microns 1 mm Single color 15 mins - 6 hours In certain cases, object must be painted with powder to get better scan Requires Reverse Engineering
Structured White Light 30 cm - 10 m +/- 60 microns 2 mm Single color 15 mins - 2 hours In certain cases, object must be painted with powder to get better scan Requires Reverse Engineering
Infra Red + Camera 10 cm - 10 m 2 cm Depends on field of view size during scan Multi color 15 seconds - 15 minutes In most cases, direct printing
Multiple cameras (SLR/Pocket Cameras) Any size (up to kilometers!) Depends on field of view size while taking pictures Depends on field of view size while taking pictures Full color 5 mins - 1 week Photos need to be processed which will require between 2 hours up to 1 month depending on object size Reverse Engineering required
3D Photo Studio #Selfie3D #Groupie3D Max 1 meter diameter 2,1 meter height Accurate only in relative to proportion 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm Full color 1 second Photos need to be processed which will require up to 3 hours Reverse Engineering required

Please contact us to get more information

3D Reverse Engineering

Manipulation of 3D scan data taken from 3D scanning or even multiple photos of the objects and convert it into something that can be modified later (Solid Modeling)

3D Modification

Modifying the result of 3D Reverse Engineered object to fit your need or to be 3D Printed


Involving 3D Modelling and may/may not include 3D Printing based on your ideas/image/concept/etc. Your creativity is the only limit. We can make it happen for you. Please contact us for more details.

3D Printing

We currently offer 3D Printing in ABS/PLA/Nylon materials (FDM technology) and Resin materials (MicroSLA technology) Please take a look at our galery for printed samples. We will be updating the gallery as often as we can.


We offer trainings on 3D Scanning as well as 3D reverse engineering along with 3D CAD modifications

Equipment for rentals

Please contact us for more details if you wish to rent our scanners and/or computers equipped with reverse engineering & CAD software (Geomagic Design X)

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