PT. Kreasi Tiga Dimensi 


To be the go to company for one stop shopping on anything related with 3D


Combining all the different solutions available on the market and offer those solutions either through supplying professional services, rental of equipment and services, training services or even direct sales on software or equipment.

How we do it?

By providing professional grade equipments, software, engineers and even trainings for DIY savy customers, available for the retail market to use at a very competitive price. Our main goal is to maximize the speed of which our customer can have a usable product ready in their hands.

Showroom & K3D Photo Studio

For more information and hands on on the Services that we can give you, you can stop by our Showroom located in West Jakarta and it is available by appointment only. Please drop us an email to book an appointment with us and detailed information on the location.

For more information regarding our company and/or services, don't hesitate to contact us via email:

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