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Digitize Me!

As part of our efforts to introduce our services in to the Indonesian market, we "offered" Photogrammetry based 3D Scanning which included printed 3D Figurines in full color 3D Printed plastic. Since we no longer offer 3D Printing in full color plastic, this service is currently unavailable until 1st quarter of 2017.

What "was" it?

3D printed figurines of just yourself or you and your friends/families in full color plastic. It was done by first 3D Scanning by either by infra-red 3D Scanner technology or by having pictures taken by our 101 DSLR cameras.

How can I get one?

Sadly, we no longer offer this service because of problems with our 3D Printing technology (full color plastics). We will be offering again in the near future (1st quarter of 2017) with a new technology at a lower costs.

Can I just 3D Scan anyway?

Yes! If you need scan data, please contact us directly for more information. We can also offer you 3D Printed figurines, but not in full color plastic.

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